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The Sabah State Government set up POIC Lahad Datu in 2005 to spearhead the development of palm oil downstream processing to add value to its 1.5 million hectares of oil palm plantations, to create jobs and business opportunities. Apart from palm oil/oil palm, POIC Lahad Datu is also poised to attract investments in port & logistics, biomass, bio refineries, oil & gas and related small and medium enterprises for the Halal Park@POIC.

Aside from investments directly linked to palm oil, POIC Lahad Datu also offers business opportunities in a wide range of supporting industries needed for a sector which contributes RM4 billion in state revenue per annum and employs 130,000.

POIC Lahad Datu is incorporated within the Sabah Development Corridor which aims to propel the state to developed status by 2025. To-date, 1,700 acres in POIC Lahad Datu have been developed with infrastructure and utilities. The industrial park is planned to cover more than 4,400 acres of integrated industrial complex designed to cater light, medium and heavy industries.

A Liquid Bulk and Dry Bulk terminal are presently in operation, while the Container Terminal (with a capacity of 250,000 TEUs) is under construction and due to be operational by 2017.

POIC Lahad Datu is envisaged to be not only a catalyst for the development of Sabah, but also the resource-rich BIMP-EAGA (Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area) which supplies the global market with palm oil, cocoa, rubber, timber and minerals, including coal and petroleum.

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 Argus Biomass Asia 2017 [14-15 June, Singapore]

Argus Biomass Asia 2017 will be held on 14-15 June 2017 at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore

 MPOB Transfer of Technology 2017 [11 July, Bangi]

The 23rd MPOB transfer of Technology 2017 Seminar and Exhibition will be held on 11 July 2017 at MPOB Head Office, Bangi, Selangor

 OGA 2017 [11-13 July, KLCC]

The 16th Asian Oil, gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition (OGA2017) will be held on 11-13 July 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia

 MIFB 2017 [9-11 Aug, PWTC]

The 18th Malaysian International Food & Beverage (MIFB) Trade Fair will be held on 9-11 August 2017 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur

 HALFEST 2017 [4-8 Oct, Mines Exhibition Centre]

The 6th HALFEST 2017: ASEAN's largest Halal Trade & Consumer Expo will beh held on 4-8 Oct 2017 at Mines Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur

 IGEM 2017 [11-13 Oct, KLCC]

The International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2017) is schedule to take place on the 11-13 October 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia

 PIPOC 2017 [14-16 Nov, KLCC]

The PIPOC 2017 will be held on 14-16 November 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur


  1. Sustainability as a Success Factor for Palm Oil Producers

    In an article 'Sustainability as a Success Factor for Palm Oil Producers Supplying the European Vegetable Oil Markets', author Emanuele Novelli posited that the EU, the third largest palm oil consumer after India and Indonesia, can make or break a palm oil producer. Therefore ......

  2. In a Malaysian Village, Sustainable Palm Oil Certification Brings Guaranteed Markets

    In East Sabah, just 88km from Sandakan in the Beluran region, lies the village of Toniting. It's home to a group of independent palm oil smallholders, united by a mill, and the "SPOTS" ......

  3. Indonesia Seen as Leading the Biodiesel Race

    The rapid depletion of fossil fuel heightens the need for governments to start implementing measures to reduce its dependency on natural oil and gas......

  4. ASEAN 'Three' Join Hands over EU's Palm Oil Resolution

    ASEAN neighbours and the world's top palm oil producers Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have vowed to fight a European Union resolution they fear would deal a major blow to one of their biggest exports, according to a asiacorrespondent.com report on May 1, 2017.....

  5. FGV Fist to Sell Oil Palm Seeds to Indonesia

    Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) has appointed exclusive agents to market its oil palm seeds in Indonesia and the Phillipines....

  6. MPOB Appoints New Director-General

    Dr Ahmad Kushairi bin Din has been appointed as director-general of the Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) effective from July 2016....

  7. Logistics Gateways in Enhancing Domestic Growth of Maritime Industry

    Logistics paves the way for en-hancing domestic economic growth. Logistics supports the aviation, maritime and land transportation industry so that its performance can be en-hanced and maximised. Without logistical support .....

  8. Malaysia to Celebrate 100 Years of Oil Palm

    Ever since oil palm arrived in Malaysia in 1917 from Africa, palm oil has come a long way and is set to make further impact in the next 100 years and beyond....

  9. Celebrating the Centenary - in recipes

    In 1917, French entrepreneur Henri Fauconnier planted the first commercial oil palm crop in Malaysia. Fauconnier couldn't have known it then, but his fledgling efforts have now burgeoned into one of Malaysia's most prolific produce....

  10. Grants

    The government has set aside RM280 million under the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020) as grants to encourage the oil palm industry to move downstream to produce value-added products....

  11. New Railway Link

    A comprehensive study is being carried out on establishing a railway link connecting Sabah's west coast with northern Kudat and eastern Sandakan, TheStar on-line reported in March 2017.....

  12. Malaysia's Economy to Expand in 2017

    Malaysia's economy is projected to expand between 4.3-4.8% in 2017 driven by domestic demand as well as external factors, said Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim, the Governor of Malaysia's Central Bank (Bank Negara Malaysia, BNM)......

  13. Intergrated Planting Concept - optimise land utilisation

    Oil palm small holders are urged to engage in integrated planting concept to optimise land utilisation and improve their income.......

  14. Oil Palm Has RM200 Billion Economic Value for Sabah

    Sabah's oil palm industry has a potential economic value of RM200 billion if downstream value-adding utilising crude palm oil and oil palm biomass is fully developed. The figure, which is about five times larger than the state's annual gross domestic product (GDP) was mentioned by Datuk Bolkiah Ismail, the assistant minister of Industrial Development...

  15. BREWTROLEUM - Next Wave of Renewable Fuel

    Renewable energy is today a global conversation although fossil fuel is expected to still dominate world consumption in the foreseeable decades. Right here in Sabah, renewable energy from particularly non-oil sources such as biomass has been gaining traction with rising awareness and generous feed-in tariffs offered by Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Seda).

  16. Encouraging Response at Biomass Seminar

    Interests in business opportunities in oil palm biomass among Sabah industry players appeared on the uptrend if attendance at a recent seminar in Tawau was any indication.

    Active promotion of biomass downstream has been on-going for the past 4-5 years. There is much investor interests backed by mature technologies as well as market demand for finished products. However, progress has been slowed largely due to the issue of longterm supply of raw materials and, for local entrepreneurs, the challenge in raising large capital needed for producing high-value biochemical.

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